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Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems develops confident, successful leaders by promoting personal safety and security, as well as builds high moral standards that reflect acceptance and respect for all cultures.

Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems
4500 57th Avenue

Bladensburg Community Center

Bladensburg, Maryland 20710
United States

We are a comprehensive school that takes a traditional, holistic approach to classical Japanese martial arts. We teach Budo Taijutsu, which encompases nine Ninjutsu and Samurai ryu, or schools, from ancient Japan.

Kasumi Mountain Martial Arts
Riceville Area

Asheville, North Carolina 28805
United States

Lake Placid Martial Academy has been providing quality instruction in Karate since 1984.

Lake Placid Martial Arts Academy
2047 Saranac Ave

Lake Placid, New York 12946
United States

Tired of kata, useless formalities & antiquated teachniques that will NOT work in a real LIFE or Death encounter? Looking for a system designed for REAL WORLD SURVIVAL? Look no further! C.U.T.S. will provide you with the tools to survive a worst cas

C.U.T.S. Critical Urban Tactical Strategies
954 North 8th Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123
United States

As a student of BATTLEBORN JUJITSU you can expect to be taught a complete martial arts system including how to roll and fall properly, kicks, punches, throwing, ground fighting, weapons, strategy and more.

BattleBorn Jujitsu
320 S Rock Blvd

Suite 120

Reno, Nevada 89502
United States

Sierra Jujitsu and Karate is a school dedicated to teaching traditional martial arts in Japanese Jujitsu, Shinto Yoshin Ryu, and Okinawan Karate, Shin Mei Shorin Ryu.

Sierra Jujitsu & Karate
3170 Research Way


Carson City, Nevada 89706
United States

Canemasters teaches the American Cane System, designed as a complete self-defense and exercise system. You can buy handmade canes, DVDs and more.

Canemasters - American Cane System
920 Incline Way

Incline Village, Nevada 89451
United States

Goshinkan, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is a clean, safe and highly controlled martial arts environment fostering discipline, self-control, and responsibility; fusing traditional elements of respect with self-defense skills.

Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo
5330 S 3rd St


Louisville, Kentucky 40214
United States

At the Shinbukan dojo our primary goal is to enrich your mind and body with a mixture of martial arts techniques including styles from various judo, kenpo karate, and Filipino martial arts systems. And, YES, we have a good time doing it.

Shinbukan Dojo
1269 El Moro Dr.

Campbell, California 95008
United States

Samurai Sports offers unparalleled expertise and experience, plus challenging Samurai Sword training programs.

Samurai Sports Japanese Sword Training
9151 E. Bell Rd.

Scottsdale, Arizona 85331
United States